The No. 1 Global Chlor Alkali Producer

The largest, most reliable chlorine supply and industry-leading chlor alkali products. That’s the secret to the Olin system, and the formula for your success.

Only Olin.

Do-It-Right Dilution

Prepare safe and effective dilute bleach solutions for cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces.

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Know The Olin Story

A merger here. An acquisition there. Add in a lot of innovation and dedication to customers, and you have the catalyst for what is the world’s No. 1 chlor alkali producer.

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Olin Caustic Soda

After more than 100 years, we are still an industry leader in Sodium Hydroxide, also known as caustic or lye. We offer both membrane-grade and commercial-grade products.

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You Can Rely on Our Bleach Supply

As the North American leader in chlorine products, we have an impressive industrial bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) supply. And we can tailor concentrations based on your particular needs.

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