A Right-of-Way (ROW) consists of consecutive property easements acquired by or granted to a pipeline company. An ROW offers sufficient space to perform pipeline maintenance and inspections, as well as a clear zone where potential encroachments may be monitored and prevented.

Pipeline right-of-ways may be used for residential, commercial, or agriculture purposes as long as those purposes do not interfere with the safe operations, maintenance, and inspection activities of the pipeline. Access to and along Olin and Dow’s Gulf Coast Pipeline ROW easements must not be obstructed.

Permanent structures cannot be placed along right-of-ways located at or near Olin or Dow pipelines because they may obstruct access to the pipelines. Permanent structures include such items as: houses, mobile homes, trailers, shops, barns, stables, sheds, garages, stock tanks, swimming pools, decks, trees, and septic tanks.

Dow retained ownership of all the land on which Olin pipelines in the Freeport area are located. Olin encourages you to contact Dow’s Right-of-Way Department if you plan to do any type of work on or near its ROW easements.



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