Following are some suggestions on what to do in the event of a pipeline leak:

  • Turn off all sources of ignition.
  • Extinguish all flames, do not smoke.
  • Do not start or turn on vehicle/electrical equipment, or use cell phones, pagers or 2-way radios.
  • Leave the area immediately on foot and try to prevent others from entering and warn others.
  • Move out of the path in a cross-wind direction and then move upwind of the possible source.
  • If you need to notify neighbors knock on doors, do not use doorbells.
  • Once in a safe location, call 911, then notify the pipeline company if known.
  • If pipeline leak is on fire, do not attempt to extinguish any flames.
  • Do not attempt to operate pipeline valves.

Your safety should be your first concern!

Public safety and environmental protection are top priorities in any pipeline emergency. If you suspect a leak from an Olin or Dow pipeline, get to a safe location and call Dow’s 24 hour emergency numbers as follows:

Dow Pipeline Company
Emergency Phone Number: 979-238-2112 / 1-800-223-4412